Production phases

See how the process of creating our products progresses on the example of Dwarf.
Going down the page we will present the next stages of production, describing the quality and safety of the materials used by us.

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Gypsum cast

We make sure that the figure is cast from
perfectly matched proportions of materials,
making the final product accurate and with no undesirable side effects like bubbles and other unnecessary elements.

Then, dry the figurine until the water evaporates and the desired appearance is obtained.

Color application

Apply the base color to the dried figure. Our offer includes white, gray, cream and brown colors.

Water dyes used by us are
environmentally friendly and safe in use and operation.


To meet customers, some of the gypsum products from Our offer are also painted.
We paint faces, eyes and parts of the body in detail, giving the figurine more
a realistic look that is pleasing to the eye.

In this way, everyone will find something suitable for themselves in our offer.
We also use safe paints here.


At the final stages of production some figurines are also lacquered which give them special gloss, as well as partially protecting them against
atmospheric phenomena.

In all stages of production, we use materials of the highest quality which is combined with precision and attention for the smallest details.
There is nothing more satisfying than
the satisfaction of our customers!