Production phases

See how the process of creating our products works using the example of a Dwarf. As you scroll down the page, we will present the successive stages of production, describing the quality and safety of the materials we use.

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Gypsum cast

We make sure that the figurine is cast from perfectly matched proportions of materials, ensuring that the casting will be accurate and free of undesired side effects such as bubbles, lumps, and other unnecessary elements.

Next, we dry the figurine until all the water has completely evaporated and the desired appearance is achieved. With this preparation, the product can be subjected to further processing stages.

Color application

We apply a base color to the dried figurine. In our offer, we have white and gray colors.

The water-based pigments we use are environmentally friendly and safe to use and operate.


Meeting the needs of our customers, some of our plaster products are also painted. We meticulously paint the faces, eyes, and certain parts of the body, giving the figurine a more realistic and pleasing appearance.

This way, everyone will find something suitable for themselves in our offer. We also use safe paints here.


In the end, we apply an additional layer of varnish to all products, giving them a shine and partially protecting them against weather conditions.

Throughout all stages of production, we place great emphasis on high-quality materials and pay attention to the smallest details to ultimately be able to delight our customers with their satisfaction!